Compression with FabFilter Pro-C2 Masterclass

Watch Compression Bootcamp and in-depth overview of FabFilter Pro-C 2

FabFilter Pro-C2 is the best digital compressor that is available today.
Its the most intelligently designed and it is cleanest sounding.

In MixMasterWyatt Online when it comes to compression when we talk about compression we have two types of compressors:
musical compressors (vintage: LA-2, 1176) and technical digital compressors (Pro-C2).

The difference is Musical Compressions are usually modeled after classic analog gear and they add a little saturation to the sound. Vintage compressors can miss controls like no attack and release or no ratio.

Musical and Technical compressors are used in serial mode: musical compressor comes first and technical comes second.

Pro-C 2 in our terminology is technical compressor (though you also get musical results and there are multiple vintage modes). FabFilter Pro-C 2 is downward compressor. Which means when the signal exceeds the threshold the compressor turns entire signal down.

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