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Learn the world’s most complete Mixing System

We offer the most complete and up-to-date mixing system available online. This is not a bunch of random techniques and mixing stories.

It’s a SYSTEM.

The Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program is designed as a 4 course modular system that will guide you through a complete training program that will give you the ability to create consistently professional quality masters.

  • Do you feel your mixes are ready for Beatport?
  • Do you compare your mixes to commercial releases and you feel you’re missing something?
  • Do you have a lot of plugins, but you are not sure you are getting the most out of them?
  • Do you ever get “lost” in a mix and find that you are making it worse, not better?
  • Do you feel that you are missing something when it comes to compression?
  • Are you not confident when it comes to editing and processing reverb?
  • Do you know when you need analog-modeled plugins or clean modern digital tools?
  • Do you know how to use tape compression?
  • Would you like to be able to master your own tracks and release them directly to beatport, itunes and spotify?
  • Do you feel you’re missing something when it comes to getting a professional vocal sound?
  • Is producing by yourself a lonely practice?  Would you like to join a community of talented, advanced producers and engineers who have a passion for excellent sound?

Hundreds of our students come to us with these and other important questions about Mixing and Mastering.

I have designed The Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program to answer these questions and give you a methodical, repeatable systematic approach to mixing.

#1 Online Mixing and Mastering Course

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program

  • The program is designed for the modules to be taken in sequential order.
  • The first module is Mixing Foundations where you’ll learn the fundamental mixing techniques and my Ultimate Channelstrip processing workflow
  • I highly recommend that everyone start with Mixing Foundations even if you’re intermediate or advanced
  • The second module is the Next Level Mixing and it is the most advanced Mixing course you can find online and offline
  • The third module is Next Level Mixing II where you will mix and entire track from start to finish using all of your workflows and techniques that you have learned in Mixing Foundations and Next Level Mixing I.  You get access to me mixing an entire track from start to finish with vocals, lots of advanced routing and parallel processing — and my explanations of exactly what I did, how and why.
  • The fourth module is Next Level Mastering and is where you can start with Mixing Foundations or sign up for the complete Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program and get additional bonuses

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Compatible with any modern DAW

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What’s your current level?

Mixing and Mastering Online Courses

Mixing Foundations
Mixing Foundations

8-week course

Available as Self-Study (instant start)
or Live Training (next term starts Feb 5th 2018)

  • Ultimate Channel Strip Workflow
  • Compression, EQ, Saturation
  • Reverb Matrix
  • Gain Structure and Level Balancing
  • Weekly live feedback
  • And more…
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Next-Level Mixing I

8-week course

Available as Self-Study (instant start)
or Live Training (next term starts Feb 5th 2018)

  • Advanced Mixing Tools and Techniques
  • Multiband Tools
  • Modulating FX
  • Parallel Processing
  • Mid-side Processing
  • Weekly live feedback
  • And more…
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Next-Level Mixing II

8-week course

Available as Self-Study (instant start)
or Live Training (next term starts Feb 5th 2018)

  • Advanced Vocal Mixing
  • Advanced Drums Mixing
  • Advanced Bass Mixing
  • Automation
  • Advanced modulating FX
  • Weekly live feedback
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Next-Level Mastering Course

8-week course

Available as Self-Study (instant start)
or Live Training (next term starts Feb 5th 2018)

  • Ultimate Mastering Chain
  • Stereo and Stem Mastering
  • Loudness Optimization
  • Mastering for TV, streaming services, iTunes and Spotify
  • Weekly live feedback
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Sign up for complete program and get the Ultimate benefits:

  • all four modules for the great single price
  • three private lessons
  • additional bonuses
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After completing Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program you’ll be able to:

  • Build a powerful mix
  • Use reference tracks to guide your mixing and mastering decisions
  • Know how and when to use different types of compressors, eqs, saturators, effects etc.
  • Set up a reverb matrix that actually makes sense and learn how and when to use rooms, chambers, plates and halls to create a 3-dimensional mix
  • Utilize your new engineering workflow to arrive at the right settings in the most direct and ergonomic way without mixing in circles
  • Mix entirely in the box with a warm, analog sound
  • Finish more tracks with the consistent professional level of the sound
  • Understand how and when to use vintage-modeled gear or the more modern counterparts
  • Get the most our of the latest plugins like Fabfilter, Izotope, UAD, Slate, Valhalla, Soundtoys and others
  • Be confident when performing essential mixing and mastering techniques: compression, eq, saturation, reverb and and gain structure management
  • Create a professional master that is ready for release on Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services

A note from

Daniel Wyatt – Multi-Platinum, Award-winning Trainer

Founder and CEO of Mix:MasterWyatt Online

Danny Wyatt is a world-class mastering engineer and founder of MixMasterWyatt Academy. Danny also spent over a decade designing and teaching mixing and mastering courses at both Dubspot and SAE.

Hi, I am Daniel Wyatt. I’m a multi-Platinum, award-winning audio engineer and producer with a very wide variety of credits spanning over two decades — ranging from Mos Def, Curtis Mayfield, Sundance Film Festival, Ultra Records, New Line Pictures, Atlantic Records, Rawkus Records, Blue Traveler, Wax Poetic featuring Norah Jones, to Old Dirty Bastard, Thievery Corporation and many, many others.

Using everything I learned as a professional producer/engineer, I designed the Mixing and Mastering programs for SAE New York and Dubspot where I was senior instructor and Mixing and Mastering department head. I now have over 15 years of experience teaching people all over the world my systematic approach to mixing and mastering.

I designed Mix:Master Wyatt Academy to give producers and engineers a complete Mixing and Mastering program with the best online learning experience available anywhere. And in just two years, we are now the no. 1 Online School for Mixing and Mastering in the world.

All of our classes are updated on a weekly basis, and you can choose to study as a live training or as video self-study. You can take the courses either as modules or as a complete program.

The vibe of our school is very “Live”, it is not a bunch of videos of a guy talking to himself, so even if you choose self-study, you will get a “live” classroom experience.

I am very confident to say that these new courses are the most complete, comprehensive and up-to-date learning materials that I have ever created. And, as I mentioned, I update them on a weekly basis.

The fact is, I have probably taught more people how to mix and master than anyone else online. And there are some wonderful success stories of our recent graduates.

But maybe more important than any of the trophies we have won is our community.
We have built an amazing international online community of people who are passionate about excellent sound and learning how to get it and sharing ideas.

I am very happy that you are interested in taking your music to the next level, and I am ready to help you achieve your goals”

“Daniel Wyatt, with his A-list credits and decades of teaching experience is hands down the most important mixing and mastering instructor on the planet right now. He has more successful graduates of his system than any other single teacher”
– Rich Tozolli, Award winning engineer and composer, Pro Sound News
“When I need the most up-to-date info on the latest plug-ins, workflows and techniques I check in with Danny. Period. “

– Andy Sherman,
Spinning Records recording artist

“As a teacher, Daniel Wyatt wants you to win. His system is impeccable. He stays on your side until the picture is clear”

– Tunde,
Grammy nominated artist, TV on the Radio

Here’s what our students say on Facebook:

Do you want to attend LIVE online trainings or do you prefer Self-Study Video Courses?

The content is the same for both. And either way you will be can attend weekly LIVE feedback sessions for your works-in-progress and course-related questions.

We made Online learning experience as close to the real classroom as it is possible with today’s technology. We keep classes small so everyone gets enough time for feedback and questions.

Don’t worry if you miss the class – you can always watch the class recorded and ask teacher questions on the next Open Office Hour.

Next Live Training starts November 21st. Classes meet online twice a week: Tuesday 1PM EST for a live lecture and Wednesday 4PM for Q&A and Live Feedback. Classes are recorded. >> Enroll Today for the next LIVE session (and get instant access to all the course materials).

Live Training Schedule

Start Dates:

  • November 21st 2017*
  • February 5th 2018

* – Sign Up today and get instant access to all the course material (inc. all the previously recorded sessions)

Online Classes Schedule

Mixing Foundations – Tuesday 1PM EST
Next-Level Mixing – Tuesday 3PM EST
Next-Level Mastering – Wednesday 2PM EST
Open Office Hours for all Mixing and Mastering courses – Wednesday 4PM EST

Have Questions? Start a live chat! Or join Online Open House this Sunday 1PM EST

Mix with your favorite DAW and plugins

Techniques and workflows demonstrated within this course work in any modern DAW. Our students use Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, FL Studio, Reason and Bitwig.

Most of the techniques are demonstrated using third-party plugins: FabFilter, Soundtoys, iZotope, Valhalla, Slate Digital.

Pricing Options

Online Course/Live Training

8-week online courses. Fixed start and end dates. Online classes meet twice a week: one live lecture (50 min) and Online Office Hour (50 min) to ask Questions and get feedback on projects you’re working on. Access to videos (60+ hours per course) – updated weekly. All online lessons are recorded and are available to re-watch. After finishing the course student has one-year access to all course videos including the new ones (new recorded lessons).

Need Payment Plan or have a question? Contact us at live chat (on the bottom right corner of this page) or email us at [email protected]

Mixing Foundations


  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet online for weekly online lecture and weekly office hour
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
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Next Level Mixing I


  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet online for weekly online lecture and weekly office hour
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
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Next Level Mixing II


  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet online for weekly online lecture and weekly office hour
  • 20+ hours of video tutorials
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Next Level Mastering


  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet online for weekly online lecture and weekly office hour
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
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Self-Study Video Courses

Same content as in the online course but without access to attending online classes (classes are recorded and recordings are available to watch). No fixed start and end dates – learn at your own pace. Once a week – optional Online Open Office Hours (50 min) to ask Questions. Access to videos (60+ hours per course) – updated weekly. After after signing up for the course student has one-year and two-month access to all course videos including the new ones (new recorded lessons).

Mixing Foundations


  • Self-study video course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Access to recorded classes
  • Weekly online Office Hour for Q&A and Live Feedback
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Next Level Mixing I


  • Self-study video course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Access to recorded classes
  • Weekly online Office Hour for Q&A and Live Feedback
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Next Level Mixing II


  • Self-study video course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Access to recorded classes
  • Weekly online Office Hour for Q&A and Live Feedback
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Next Level Mastering


  • Self-study video course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Access to recorded classes
  • Weekly online Office Hour for Q&A and Live Feedback
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Student Spotlight


First off thanks you so much for the course, it has helped so much its crazy!!
Our 8 track album we were finishing during your course was released early July, hit number 1 on Juno sales charts for all dubstep and number 2 for all albums!!
Its still holding strong after a month as well:D
Heres a link if you’d like to listen – Juno Link
This has a lot to do with your mixing and mastering classes, gave us the tools we needed to make our tracks sound best as they couldJosh Searles, #1 Album on Juno (July 2017)
  • Before i started the course i thought i knew already a lot of things over all those years i’ve been doing productions. But already after lesson 1 i realised i was doing the same “mistakes” everyone does. So i’m very happy that i followed these courses because it gave me a workflow which i can stick too and which make my production, mixing and mastering a lot quicker and much more efficient!

    Tom Hades Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • “Finally a course that really shows the techniques to get that professional warm and fat sound I was aiming for. Danny’s cool and encouraging attitude has helped me to transform my music and take it to a totally different level. The best part for me was to mix a track before class and then see Danny mix the exact same track. This plus the possibility to ask questions during the course and for 1 hour per week during office hours, made mixing foundations a priceless experience.”

    Markus Niederreiter Mixing Foundations 2016
  • After watching a tons of tutorials about Mixing and had a very bad experience making a online mixing course , I realized that I didn’t know almost anything about how to make my tracks sounds Fat , Clean , Loud and Pro .
    Enrolled to a MMW Next Level Course last month , expecting to improve my skills as a Mixer and finally make my sounds better !
    At the finish of the course I have no doubt to say that I couldn’t be happier with my improvement .
    The videos and the classes are so good and clear that now I know exactly what kind of tools and how to use it to enhance the quality of my tracks

    Henrique Pirai Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • Next Level Mixing just opened up a new universe of sounds and textures. I feel i’m much closer to where i want to get. My subs are banging in the chest, I gained width, I learned how to brighten up so i sound closer to the mixes i love. It almost turned me into a mixing lover instead of music lover, any style can amuze me now, if the mix is good! Danny is an amazing teacher, very generous and really working with us so we have the tools to be independent and powerful. We are always transformed when a Master shows up!

    Claudia Dorei Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • I have been studying with Daniel Wyatt and using his techniques now for several years. I was really excited when Hardwell played one of my early tracks — and now Tiesto!
    Danny keeps me up-to-date with all of his new techniques and workflows — and it’s made all of the difference in my sound

    Francisco Lozano Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • I learned more in 8 weeks Mixing foundations, then the last 10 years producing and watching videos on the net! Amazing program!

    Steve RedHead Mixing Foundations 2016
  • when i started working with MixMasterWyatt, i had cool productions, but my mixing and mastering game was not working…i lacked a system. now i am turning out consistent bangers and have my first beatport release on my own label.

    Kyle DJ Tofte Next-Level Mastering 2015
  • Prior to taking classes at MMWA, I spent countless hours going through YouTube tutorials but my mixes just didn’t sound good. I finally decided to try out one of Danny’s classes and man, I was hooked! My mixes started sounding better almost immediately. Danny has a unique ability to make learning fun and interesting. On top of that, he’s brought in other instructors that share the same passion for music that he has. Highly recommended!

    David Nguyen Next-Level Mastering 2016

Our student tracks

Here are just a few of hundreds tracks of Danny’s students that are featured on Beatport and SoundCloud.

Learn How To Get That Sound

Frequently Asked Questions

All courses are available as LIVE trainings or Self-Study video on-demand courses. They content is the same.
LIVE training sessions are 50 minutes
Yes. All Core Course students (both LIVE training participants and Self-Study Students may attend a weekly LIVE feedback for works in progress and Q and A session every Wednesday at 4 PM EST.
All Trainings are recorded and posted daily to the private online classroom for review.
After signup, students have access to the course material for 14 months. After the one year access it can be extended for one more year – $97/course, $197/three courses or $37/month (with access to Graduates club).
Over 150 hours of video content available instantly upon purchase.
Each course contains 16 hours of main curriculum and 35+ hours of extra lessons that are optional.
Yes. Mixing and Mastering Core courses can be taken individually or as a Program with benefits and discounts.
No. All Videos are streamed, not available for download.
Yes. Practice sessions are available for download in a wide variety of genres, both electronic, organic and hybrid.
No, This system works for any genre of music. Our Mixing and Mastering courses we teach workflow, principles and advanced techniques of Mixing and Mastering that are applicable to any genre. Most of our students are EDM producers (some of them have reached top positions in Beatport charts), and music for film, ads and video game producers.
All the techniques shown during the course can be applied to any plugin-lines including stock DAW-plugins. All the examples are shown based on FabFilter, iZotope, SoundToys, UAD, Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance plugins. You can replace those plugins with alternatives of other developers/DAW stock plugins.

Recommended plugins:
– Slate Digital Everything Bundle ($15/month via, can be replaced with UAD, Waves or other plugins that emulate classic mixing gear (tape machines, consoles, compressors, vintage EQs etc.)
– Soundtoys Bundle (Academic discount 50% for our students)
– FabFilter Pro-C 2, Pro-Q 2, Pro-L (Academic discounts 50% off for our students)
– iZotope Ozone 7 Standard (Academic discounts 50% off for our students)
– Valhalla Plate and Valhalla Vintage Reverb

All the techniques shown on the course are applicable to any modern DAW that can host VST/AU/AAX plugins: Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, ProTools, FL Studio, Reaper etc.
Most of our students use their own tracks but if you don’t have materials we provide stems for Mixing and Mastering. We provide track stem in variety of different genres. Last two weeks of each Mixing/Mastering course is dedicated to mixing/mastering practice and shootouts: each student receives same stems and mix the track during two weeks, providing 1.0 mix version on first week class where we listen all the tracks and give feedback. On the second week students are submitting 2.0 mix that we listen during the class and give the feedback. Listening how different people mixed same track is highly beneficial for developing your mixing/mastering and ear training skills.
Yes. Absolutely. Many of our students work on headphones with no problems.
Yes. We will provide you with proof of participation that will give you access to 50% off Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Izotope, and others (Plugin Alliance, Flux, Sonarworks etc).
Yes. But that of course depends on your schedule. Many people have successfully taken 2 coures simultaneously with great results.