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Ultimate Mixing and Mastering

Available as 6-month Online Program, 2-month Online courses or self-study video course

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Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program

Introducing All-new Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program – the most comprehensive Mixing and Mastering online training programs available online.

Designed by multi-platinum Daniel Wyatt this completely updated for 2017 6-month program takes you from basic concepts of Mixing through the advanced techniques of mixing and mastering and well-kept industry secrets of art and science of modern mixing and mastering.

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program includes:

  • Mixing Foundations (8 weeks) online course
  • Next-Level Mixing (8 weeks) online course
  • Next-Level Mastering (8 weeks) online course
  • 3 months of Graduates Club/VIP Membership
  • Access to 2 Video Masterclasses (see the courses store)

Online classes start in June 2017, September 2017, November 2017. All the video materials (over 200 hours of video lessons) available instantly upon purchase.

Students are qualified for educational discounts from leading plugin developers including iZotope, SoundToys, FabFilter.

Being a Steinberg Certified Training Center Mix:MasterWyatt Online also offers Mixing in Cubase course

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Each core-course: Mixing Foundations, Next-Level Mixing and Next-Level Mastering can be taken individually or in any combination (scroll-down to learn more).

For students that are not able to attend online lessons we provide same set of courses as video on-demand course for self-paced study (without instructor). Please check our store for pricing.

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About Daniel Wyatt

Multiplatinum, award-winning audio engineer

Mixing and Mastering course designer with 10 years of experience at both Dubspot and SAE NYC

My name is Daniel Wyatt. I’m a multi-platinum, Grammy and Emmy nominated audio engineer with credits from Ultra Records to Old Dirty Bastard to Norah Jones, and I also teach mixing and mastering. In the last decade I’ve taught over 1,000 producers and audio engineers how to mix and master modern styles of music from deep house, minimal techno, and trance to hip hop, trap, dubstep, and drum’n’bass. Many of my students have had their tracks hit the iTunes and Beatport charts.

Modern genres of electronic music require new approaches to the mixing and mastering process that only the latest tools–like most modern digital limiters and maximizers, mid/side processors and multiband plugins–can provide.

What’s your current level?

We have a course for you

Mixing Foundations
Mixing Foundations

8-week course
Next Online Course starts June 19th
Available as Self-Study (instant start)

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Next-Level Mixing Course

8-week course
Next Online Course starts June 19th
Available as Self-Study (instant start)

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Next-Level Mastering Course

8-week course
Next Online Course starts June 19th
Available as Self-Study (instant start)

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How do our classes work?

Classes meet online twice a week for one hour to learn new techniques, ask questions, and clarify material. With Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program you also get 3 one-on-ones where I’ll help you with your tracks (available when purchased full Ultimate Mixing and Mastering program). These one-on-ones are incredibly helpful. Just listen to one student’s experience:

“I couldn’t get my track sounding right so I took it to Danny. He spent a few minutes listening in his amazing room (I know, I stopped by in person a few weeks ago) and came back with a few suggestions, including that I needed to focus on the interaction between the kick and bass in order to make the track sound modern and commercial. I re-built the low end referencing a radio track and now it sounds crazy good!”
– Supatheef

Students take this course because they want to:

  • Release their own original music commercially with a professional, competitive sound
  • Make money mixing and mastering
  • Create that BIG FAT mix with everything in its place
  • Mix tracks that stand up better to commercial hits on the radio or in the club
  • Deliver quality mixes to the client or the mastering engineer
  • Work on projects they like and, most of all, with people they choose

All the techniques shown in the course are applicable to any modern DAW:
Cubase, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, BitWig, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools and others.

We also cover plugins from some of the hottest developers including Audio Ease, Fabfilter, Izotope, Slate Digital, Sonnox, Soundtoys, Universal Audio, and Valhalla. You can always use the stock plugins in your DAW, and as your ear develops you can add choice plugins from these developers.

As a bonus: for these courses we’ve partnered with developers so you can save up to 50% purchasing plugins from FabFilter, iZotope and SoundToys, Steinberg, Plugin Alliance and others.

Mixing and Mastering Courses Online

Each course is available as 2-month online course with instructor (Daniel Wyatt) or self-paced video course (with access to 35+ hours of video lessons + 1 year access to new lessons). Check our store for pricing

All three courses can be taken as Ultimate Mixing And Mastering 6-month Program with lower price and additional bonuses.

Mixing Foundations

Next 2-month course starts June 19th
Trainer: Daniel Wyatt


What will you learn?

Introduction to Mixing

Ear training, Frequency charts, Mix preparation, Gain Staging, Signal Flow

Ulltimate channel strip

Method for EDM mixes to sound fat and loud


EQ intro, Filtering, EQ types, Digital and analog EQs

Reverb, Delay and Mid/Side techniques

Reverb and FX techniques


Types of saturation, bringing large analog consoles sound into your DAW

Gain Structure

How to mix EDM tracks to balance all the elements

Compression and Limiting

Compression and limiting techniques, multiband and saidchain compression

Stereo width

Panning, Haas, Auto-panning, Phase alignment

Next-Level Mixing

Next 2-month course starts 19th June
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Trainer: Daniel Wyatt


What will you learn?

Advanced mixing

Advanced ear-training, Complex projects mixing and mix organization, Ultimate channel strip, Mixing into compressor, Loudness control

Saturation and Equalization

Analog warmth, Tape/Tube/Transistor saturation, Shelf EQ, Vintage EQs and large consoles: Pultec, API, SSL, Neve

Reverb and Ambience

Room/Plate/Hall Reverbs, Gated reverb, Reverb editing, Modulating Reverb, Reverse reverb techniques

Modern Processing

Mid/Side, Parallel and Multiband processing. Haas FX, Panning and using modulation effects.

Next-level delay

Types of delays, Using Echboy in the mix, Creative delay

Advanced compression

De-essing, miltiband, parallel, mid-side compression, breathing, creative compression. Vintage compressors.

Multiband processing

Multiband compression, saturation, stereo widening

Pitch and vocal processing

Pitch correction, quantization and vocal processing

Next-Level Mastering

Next 2-month course starts 19th June
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Trainer: Daniel Wyatt


What will you learn?

Mastering tools

Tools and plugins used for mastering

Ultimate Master Chain

Plugins used for master chain – saturation, master EQs, master compressors etc.

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering process and mastering stems for DJs (NI Stems)

Mastering Processing

Master tape emulation, parallel and mid/side compression. Audio restoration.


Everything about metering and loudness

Advanced limiting

Create power and eliminate distortion, Limiter types, Double limiting

Multiband processing

Multiband compression, saturation, stereo widening

EP compilation

Mastering EPs and complex projects. High quality mp3 creation. Mastering for TV, streaming services, iTunes and Spotify

Pricing Options

Online Course

8-week online courses. Fixed start and end dates. Online classes meet twice a week (each lesson is 50 min). Once a week – Online Open Office Hours (50 min) to ask Questions and get feedback on projects you’re working on. Access to videos (60+ hours per course) – updated weekly. All online lessons are recorded and are available to re-watch. After finishing the course student has one-year access to all course videos including the new ones (new recorded lessons).

Mixing Foundations


Regular Price: $997
  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet twice a week onlinet
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
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Next Level Mixing


Regular Price: $1197
  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet twice a week onlinet
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
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Next Level Mastering


Regular Price: $1297
  • 8-week Online Course with Daniel Wyatt
  • Classes meet twice a week onlinet
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
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Online Classes Schedule

Start Dates:

  • June 19th 2017
  • September 12th 2017
  • November 14th 2017

Online Classes Schedule

Online Classes meet twice a week:

Mixing Foundations – Tuesday and Thursday 1PM EST
Next-Level Mixing – Tuesday and Thursday 3PM EST
Next-Level Mastering – Wednesday and Friday 1PM EST
Open Office Hours for all Mixing and Mastering courses – Wednesday 4PM EST

Can’t make these times? Check self-study courses – same content available as self-paced video course

Self-Study Video Courses

Same content as in the online course but without access to attending online classes (classes are recorded and recordings are available to watch). No fixed start and end dates – learn at your own pace. Once a week – optional Online Open Office Hours (50 min) to ask Questions. Access to videos (60+ hours per course) – updated weekly. After after signing up for the course student has one-year and two-month access to all course videos including the new ones (new recorded lessons).

Mixing Foundations$797 $397

Next Level Mixing$897 $427

Next Level Mastering$897 $447

All three courses are also bundled in single Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering 6-month program$2970 $1147

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  • Before i started the course i thought i knew already a lot of things over all those years i’ve been doing productions. But already after lesson 1 i realised i was doing the same “mistakes” everyone does. So i’m very happy that i followed these courses because it gave me a workflow which i can stick too and which make my production, mixing and mastering a lot quicker and much more efficient!

    Tom Hades Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • “Finally a course that really shows the techniques to get that professional warm and fat sound I was aiming for. Danny’s cool and encouraging attitude has helped me to transform my music and take it to a totally different level. The best part for me was to mix a track before class and then see Danny mix the exact same track. This plus the possibility to ask questions during the course and for 1 hour per week during office hours, made mixing foundations a priceless experience.”

    Markus Niederreiter Mixing Foundations 2016
  • After watching a tons of tutorials about Mixing and had a very bad experience making a online mixing course , I realized that I didn’t know almost anything about how to make my tracks sounds Fat , Clean , Loud and Pro .
    Enrolled to a MMW Next Level Course last month , expecting to improve my skills as a Mixer and finally make my sounds better !
    At the finish of the course I have no doubt to say that I couldn’t be happier with my improvement .
    The videos and the classes are so good and clear that now I know exactly what kind of tools and how to use it to enhance the quality of my tracks

    Henrique Pirai Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • Next Level Mixing just opened up a new universe of sounds and textures. I feel i’m much closer to where i want to get. My subs are banging in the chest, I gained width, I learned how to brighten up so i sound closer to the mixes i love. It almost turned me into a mixing lover instead of music lover, any style can amuze me now, if the mix is good! Danny is an amazing teacher, very generous and really working with us so we have the tools to be independent and powerful. We are always transformed when a Master shows up!

    Claudia Dorei Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • I have been studying with Daniel Wyatt and using his techniques now for several years. I was really excited when Hardwell played one of my early tracks — and now Tiesto!
    Danny keeps me up-to-date with all of his new techniques and workflows — and it’s made all of the difference in my sound

    Francisco Lozano Next-Level Mixing 2016
  • I learned more in 8 weeks Mixing foundations, then the last 10 years producing and watching videos on the net! Amazing program!

    Steve RedHead Mixing Foundations 2016
  • when i started working with MixMasterWyatt, i had cool productions, but my mixing and mastering game was not working…i lacked a system. now i am turning out consistent bangers and have my first beatport release on my own label.

    Kyle DJ Tofte Next-Level Mastering 2015
  • Prior to taking classes at MMWA, I spent countless hours going through YouTube tutorials but my mixes just didn’t sound good. I finally decided to try out one of Danny’s classes and man, I was hooked! My mixes started sounding better almost immediately. Danny has a unique ability to make learning fun and interesting. On top of that, he’s brought in other instructors that share the same passion for music that he has. Highly recommended!

    David Nguyen Next-Level Mastering 2016

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