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How Mixing Contest and Live Feedback Work?

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    Get Mixing/Mastering Stems

    Each month we start new Mixing contest

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    Practice Mixing

    Throughout the month work on the mix. You can submit your work in progress on our private forum and get feedback from other members.

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    Submit your final mix and get feedback from Daniel Wyatt

    Submit your final mix and get live feedback from Daniel Wyatt

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    Learn by doing

    Mixing same track as your peers make other students feedback super-useful for you. Listening their versions of the same track and chatting with them on the forum or during live sessions will open new perspectives that you could not see otherwise

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    Get Into Mixing Champions League

    The winner of each monthly contest gets: one year of MMW PRO Access Pass FREE.a secure reserved spot at the Mixing Champions League Contest to take place in December, when the year’s monthly winners compete for Top MMW Mixer 2017.

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  • Special discounts from our partners: Soundtoys, iZotope, FabFilter, Xfer Records and others
  • New content added every week
  • Learn up-to-date tricks and techniques for the following: Compression, Sidechain Compression, Parallel Compression, SoundToys Effect Rack, Valhalla Reverbs, Vintage EQ and Compression

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Mixing and Mastering with iZotope

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Mixing with Valhalla

Advanced Mixing With Soundtoys

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Mixing with Slate VMR

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Daniel Wyatt – Multi-Platinum, Award-winning Trainer

Founder and CEO of Mix:MasterWyatt Online – Next Level Music School

My name is Daniel Wyatt. I’m a multi-platinum, Grammy and Emmy nominated audio engineer with credits from Ultra Records to Old Dirty Bastard to Norah Jones, and I also teach mixing and mastering. In the last decade I’ve taught over 1,000 producers and audio engineers how to mix and master modern styles of music from deep house, minimal techno, and trance to hip hop, trap, dubstep, and drum’n’bass. Many of my students have had their tracks hit the iTunes and Beatport charts.

Danny Wyatt is a world-class mastering engineer and founder of MixMasterWyatt Academy. Danny also spent over a decade designing and teaching mixing and mastering courses at both Dubspot and SAE.

“Daniel Wyatt, with his A-list credits and decades of teaching experience is hands down the most important mixing and mastering instructor on the planet right now. He has more successful graduates of his system than any other single teacher”
– Rich Tozolli, Award winning engineer and composer, Pro Sound News
“When I need the most up-to-date info on the latest plug-ins, workflows and techniques I check in with Danny. Period. “

– Andy Sherman,
Spinning Records recording artist

“As a teacher, Daniel Wyatt wants you to win. His system is impeccable. He stays on your side until the picture is clear”

– Tunde,
Grammy nominated artist, TV on the Radio

  • Reverb is something that i love the most about producing. The Valhalla reverbs are so good and so affordable, but i wanted a course the curated them for me and showed me how to use them correctly. After attending the Valhalla webinar and getting the Master Class, i have been attended all of the Mix:Master Wyatt webinars and my tracks are charting on iTunes in Sweden.

    Kenneth Albinsson Stockholm, Sweden
  • The Mixing with Fabfilter masterclass filled in so many gaps in how to use the plugins i already own…and have had for years….now i understand how to us Pro MB…..which was the plugin i found the most confusing… mixes have never been more powerful

    Paul Van der Meer Amserdam, NL
  • I recently bought the Appollo interface ,but was not sure which plugins to buy or how to use them. The Advanced Mixing with UAD Masterclass” finally clarified when how to use which vintage plugins i needed and how to get the most out of them. Now i have the warm sound that i was missing for so long

    Mikhail Kryuchkov Moscow, Russia
  • I attended the live Soundtoys Webinar Series — and it was amazing! So cool to see Mitch Thomas from Soundtoys talk about his favorite ways of use the plugins. Now i put Decapitator on everything! And all of the cool modulating effects have brought my productions the life they were lacking.

    Tim Ruthledge Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Mixing Foundations, Next-Level Mixing and Mastering are advanced courses containing hundreds of hours of material that is not part of Platinum Membership.
All-Access Pass gives you access to Masterclasses, exclusive series of online webinars and other members benefits.
Both products – core courses and platinum membership are complimentary.

Core courses (not included in the Platinum Membership) are designed to teach methodology and workflow of modern Mixing and Mastering. All the techniques learned on core courses are applicable to any DAW, any set of plugins.

Platinum Membership is designed as library of video tutorials that previously were sold separately (and would cost you around $1000 if you buy them individually). Each tutorial is covering one of the plugins (like FabFilter Pro-MB or Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack) or specific techniques like Parallel Processing or Sidechain Compression.

Both products – core courses and platinum membership are complimentary.

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