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Whether you are in hip-hop, EDM, Ambient, or crazy futuristic glitch-hop, a good understanding of sound is essential if you want to improve your music on a fundamental level.
Getting control over your sound is a powerful feeling; it allows you to be more creative and it makes your life as a mix engineer a whole lot easier.
Having some impressive and unique sounds is also a very effective way of getting the listeners attention.

You will learn a whole range of tricks and techniques that you can immediately apply to your music, but the real goal of this course is it to gain a better understanding of sound and why it works the way it does.
Besides making you look cool at dinner parties this will also enable you to take techniques you have learned in class and use them in new innovative ways.

After the course you will be able to:

  • Create the sounds that you hear in your head
  • Analyse the sounds you hear in your favourite songs
  • Master the newest Synths, VST’s and stand-alone applications
  • Understand different synthesis types and when to use them
  • Creating sharp and defined sounds that truly catch the listener’s attention
  • Understand texture and expression; bring your sounds to live
  • Apply the techniques in new exciting ways
  • Create with intent (this is where the money’s at)

Sound Design I

8-week video course + weekly online office hours

8 week course with once a week Q and A session and video content for self-study.

Here you will learn about all the basic ingredients that sounds are made out of, this will give you a solid foundation that you can apply to both sampling and synthesis.
Learning how to speak the language of sound is a vital aspect to recreating and understanding the sounds that you love.
In stage two you will dive into specific techniques and methods, you learn to use the most popular synths and effects and how you can use them to define your own sonic signature.
You will learn about various processing methods and which ones to use in specific situation.

At the end off this course you will be able to analyse any sound and identify the different ingredients. You will be able to use any synthesizer right away to create the sounds that you hear in your head.

Price: $297
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Sound Design – II

8-week video course + weekly online office hours

If you already have a solid understanding on synthesis but you are looking for a way to improve your sounds, this course is for you.
The goal here is to get you going with advanced and innovative types of synthesis such as Granular Synthesis, Physical Modelling, Spectral Processing and the exciting worlds of Additive Sound-Design.

You will learn to use a range of different processing techniques and dive deep into the inner workings of sound.

And once you are there, the sonic possibilities are pretty amazing!

Not sure which option is best for you? Contact me for a free first lesson so we can talk about what you want to learn and how I can help you with that

Price: $297
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About Jor


Hi my name is Jor, and I love exploring and teaching sound.
I play guitar and am classically trained in piano and drums.(The rumors are true, you can get a classical degree in drums).
Over the years I have been a preset designer, course creator, and trainer for many different companies including my own Sound-Design community, Sound-Freqs.

As a private teacher I help people around the world about playing piano, sound design, music theory, creative habits, music hacks, and a whole lot more.
One of my favorite things in the world is getting a new synth and exploring what it can do, our technology is getting more powerful everyday and the sonic possibilities are almost endless. (Don’t worry, I am here to help!)

I am always looking for new ways to create sounds and I use pretty much any software you can get your hands on, including some high-end environments such as CDP, SuperCollider, Csound and MetaSynth.
Besides that I am a total music theory nerd and I love combining classical music with heavy duty sound-design.
As a side project I am currently working on a Physical Modeling synthesizer that responds to live input and does some clever audio analysis (On good days at least, it’s a stubborn little lad)

Sample Sound Design Tutorial by Jor

“I’m very excited that we launch our new sound design training program with Jor. He is one of the most incredible sound designers I have ever worked with. His passion for sound design and his unique sound design teaching approach make him the best Sound Design teacher you can find.”

– Danny Wyatt, Founder and CEO, MixMasterWyatt Academy

What Our Students Say

  • This is the best synthesis course on the planet! I highly recommend it for electronic music producers and multimedia sound designers a like. The course is packed full to the brim with fundamental and advance theoretical knowledge and practical techniques. Jor is an excellent teacher, who explains and demonstrates things in such a way that totally make sense; there were many elements of synthesis I overlooked in the past because I thought they were not useful for my particular needs but I was mistaken. The great thing about this course is it has not just improved my sound design skills tenfold but I have also picked up some super cool techniques for mixing too, which is my profession. The course mainly focuses on subtractive and wave table synthesis but also goes into detail on the fundamentals of sound and effect processing, as well as an overview of other types of synthesis such as FM. To conclude, I am really happy I signed up for the course, I have learned so much and had a lot of fun while doing so, I am looking forward to progressing onto the Advanced Synthesis course.

    Paul Fawkes Sound Design Foundations