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EDM Composition Foundations

Available as self-study video course

Composition Foundations

4-parts Self-Study video Course with Kristin Hevner

Learn music theory and fundamentals of modern composition with award-winning New York City composer Kristin Hevner!

You will learn:

  • Key Signatures
  • Westerns scales and modes
  • Intervals Maj/min,
  • Consonance and Dissonance
  • Chords Triads and inversions
  • Seventh chords and inversions
  • Ear Training – detecting intervals and chords
  • Deconstruction of modern day EDM classics

Perfect for beginners in composition and great as a refresher for intermediate composition students.

Launch Price: $97 $197

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Composition Foundations


  • 4-hour video course
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* – Sound Design Foundations is self study video course with 8 weeks of online classes once a week
** – Mixing Foundations, Next Level Composition and Next Level Orchestration are 8-week online courses with teacher (also available as self-study video courses), classes meet twice a week. Each of the courses is available for purchase separately: Mixing Foundations – $497, Sound Design Foundations – $297, Next Level Composition – $597, Next Level Orchestration – $597

Meet the instructor

Kristin Hevner / EDM Composition

Kristin Hevner is course designer and instructor of the no.1 Online EDM Composition program online.

Kristin Hevner’s compositions have been performed nationally and internationally and span the musical genres of classical, opera, electronic dance music, and atonal rock.

Kristin has also composed music for Oprah and Deepak Chopra — as well as for national commercials including GEICO and numerous independent films. Her music has been performed at Carnegie Hall, Birdland and in conjunction with La Scala in Milan.

As former Composer-in-residence of the new NYC-based opera company, Metropolis Opera Project, Kristin penned four full-length contemporary operas that have been recently performed off-Broadway.

Kristin holds degrees from The Ester Boyer School of Music at Temple University, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and the School for Audio Engineering (SAE), NYC.

Kristin also served on the board of directors for “The Look and Listen Festival,” an annual event dedicated to the performance of contemporary music in art galleries.

  • I loved that I learned more about certain aspects of composition than in the 4 years of schooling I paid a lot of money for. While a lot of the course was a review, Kristin had experience in the real world writing music as opposed to my professors in the Academic world mostly teaching theory and sharing very little experience.

    John Dawes Next Level Composition
  • I’m a self taught musician, and although I thought that I had a good idea of theory, I pretty much knew only the basics. This course threw me in the deep end, but Kristin was there all the way to prevent me from drowning and my knowledge of theory has improved considerably.

    Stefan Next Level Composition

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