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Modern Home Studio Acoustics

FREE Webinar and Q and A with award-winning audio engineer Daniel Wyatt and Studio Acoustics Engineer Thomas Van Eijnhoven

Monday, March 20th 2PM EST

Home Studio Acoustics

Thomas van Eijndhoven

Studio Wood
Sony/BMG, Universal Music, Spinning Records, Protocol Recordings and Drumcode

Whether you are working in a home studio, project studio or modern professional studio, knowing how to create an optimal listening environment is critical.

Frequency masking, unwanted reflections and uncontrolled low frequencies can ruin your mixes and masters and directly affects the way your tracks sound outside of your room in the real world.

In this live webinar masterclass, we will explore in theory and practice how to create an acoustic environment that is suitable for mixing and mastering tasks — at a variety of budgets.

Please come and hang and bring your specific questions about your current room, on your current room or your future dream room.

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Monday, March 20th 2PM EST

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